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How to Claim

At DeCare, we've tried to make our claims process as quick and easy as possible. We're always open to suggestions to ways to improve our business so if you have any ideas on how we can enhance our claims process, please contact our customer service team on 1890 130 017

Remember, you can claim for your dental expenses, as soon as each course of treatment is completed. No need to wait to the end of the year. So, here's how to claim.

DeCare provides members with two claiming options – members can choose to visit a dental practice that provides a direct payment service to DeCare and thus will not incur the cost of upfront payment on the covered element of the policy.

This means that when a member attends any dental practice on DeCare’s Direct Pay Network, they will not need to submit a claim, the dental practice will do this for the member.

DeCare’s direct payment network is being developed on an ongoing basis and the most current list can be found on our Dentist Finder tool.

Alternatively members can visit any dentist on our dental directory and process claims in the standard format.

Both claiming processes are outlined below. 


Direct Pay Claims Process

1.     Getting Started

  • To find a list of participating dentists, just visit our Dentist Finder tool
  • You must phone DeCare Dental before you attend for your first dental appointment - call us on 1890 130 017 to confirm.
  • DeCare Dental will confirm your entitlements to you and to your dental practice.
  • If you are a dentist and are interested in finding out more about our direct payment service, please contact us on 1890 130 017. 

2.     Before Visiting your Dentist

  • Book in for your first appointment, which may include an exam, cleaning, x-rays and any urgent dental treatment
  • Let your dentist know before your treatment that you want to use the direct pay service

3.     At the Dentist

  • Bring your policy number (this can be found on the policy documents you received when joining) and a photo ID with you to your dental appointment
  • If further treatment is needed, your dental surgery will provide DeCare Dental with a treatment plan for approval before your next visit

4.     Payment

  • The dentist will submit your claim to DeCare, who will pay your dental surgery directly
  • You will only need to pay your dentist for the treatments or costs that are not covered on your plan

Standard Claims Process

If you choose to attend a dentist that is not part of DeCare’s direct payment network, you can still visit any dentist on DeCare’s dental directory and have your claims processed with ease as outlined below.

1. Before visiting the dentist

  • Download a claim form from the member downloads section of DeCare’s website and bring a copy to the dental visit.
  • Visit our Dentist Finder tool to find a suitable dentist.
  • Before visiting the dentist, check your policy or call our customer service team on 1890 130 017 to check your level of cover.

2. At the dentist

3. Treatment Plan

  • If you require more extensive treatment, your dentist should provide a detailed treatment plan. You can post or email this to our customer service team so that we can clarify exactly what is covered on the policy prior to treatment.

4. Making a claim

  • You can submit a claim as soon as a course of treatment is complete
  • DeCare will assess the claim and provide benefit directly into the your bank account
  • If all required information is provided, claim are processed within 10 working days