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How to Claim

Claiming is Fast & Simple

Step 1 –  Before visiting the dentist

Before visiting the dentist, download a Claim Form and bring this along to your visit. If you are unsure about your level of cover and need advice call our customer service team on 1890 130 017 in advance of commencing any treatment.

Step 2 – At the dentist

Following treatment, pay your dentist and ask for a detailed receipt which includes the details requested on the front page of the claim form.

If you require more extensive treatment, your dentist will provide you with your treatment plan, which you can submit directly to DeCare for prior approval. You can email your treatment plan directly to DeCare at or you can post your treatment plan to DeCare Dental, IDA Business Park, Claremorris, Co. Mayo.

On receipt of your treatment plan, DeCare will confirm whether the proposed treatment will be covered by your policy.

Step 3 – Submitting your claim

You can submit your claim as soon as a course of treatment is complete.

Claiming options include:

Scan & Secure Send

DeCare’s Scan & Secure Send facility is a service offered to members providing a fast and secure online claims submission option as an alternative to post. The aim is to help save time and postal costs for members so they can concentrate on what’s important – maintaining their oral health.

(You can also Pay & Claim by Post – Just pay your dentist as normal and claim back the costs covered by your policy as soon as your treatment is completed. Send your claim form and receipts to us by post to the following address:DeCare Dental, IDA Business Park, Claremorris, Co. Mayo).    

 Scan 113X198  Upload 124X195  Bank 226X73

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Scan your dental receipts and claim form

Upload your claims securely online at

Claim processed. Benefit transferred directly to your bank account


Direct Pay

To find a list of participating dentists, just visit
If you need any help, just call us on 1890 130 017 / 094 93 78608 – we’re happy to help.

Call DeCare to confirm coverage before making your appointment.
DeCare will inform the dentist and you can book in for your initial appointment which may include an exam, cleaning, x-rays and any urgent dental treatment.


Let your dentist know before your treatment that you want to use the direct pay service.
Bring a copy of your DeCare Dental Membership Number and a photo ID to your dental appointment.
DeCare will pay the dental surgery directly.
You will only need to pay the dentist for any treatments or costs that are not covered on your plan.

Getting Started

First Dental Visit


1. Getting Started

2. First Dental Visit

3. Payment